BoAt Airdopes Wireless Earbuds (Active Black)

1,699 3,999

  • BoAt Airdopes
  • Airdots

  • True wireless experience Bluetooth V4.1 – pound out your favorite tunes with the Air dopes 211, whether you’re going stereo or mono, it’s all mano a mano for you and your favorite music
  • Premium HD sound – Plug them in and experience the pure ethereal sound of true wireless earbuds, float weightlessly over the clouds of Nirvana because these compact 8mm drivers bring home the music
  • Capacitive touch controls – You don’t need buttons for this beat, lock into your zone with just a touch, the sensors on the side of each earbud make for a fun all function encompassing interaction, streamline your time
  • Stylish 450 mAh charging case – Carry your style with you wherever you go and charge your earbuds up to 3 times with one round of full battery, it is technology, style and convenience – all in one design
  • 2.5 Hours of audio bliss – More than enough time to get your groove on, the Air dopes 211 keep you moovin’ so pick out your favorite tunes and slip into the serenity of Nirvana, choose what you want to hear
  • Featherweight in-ear ergonomic finish – Built with a glossy black coating that carries premium soft ear tips, these 11.2 grams earbuds scream delicate balance, detailed framework and quality material
  • The charging case itself allows the user to top up the batteries on the go.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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